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  Town & Country, March 2004

  Southtowns Citizen, October 23, 2004

  PowerPoint Presentation to the Public Relations Society of America

  Podcast of Presentation to the Public Relations Society of America

  "Introducing Our Glowing Expectant Mothers"
  "Buffalo as a Destination for Your Wedding"
  "Buffalo Gift Baskets for Your Out-of-Town Guests"
  "A Wedding Like No One Else's - Customize Your Wedding"
  "The Wedding Planner"
   "Heart Healthy - New Advances in Treatment"


  "Starting and Maintaining a Lifetime of Fitness"
  "Choosing Your Specialists"
  "Putting Together Your Team"

  "The Mouth/Body/Mind Connection"
  "Dentists Working With the Community"
  "Getting Kids Started on a Healthy Smile"
  "Plastic Surgery - It's Not Just Skin Deep"
  "Where Science Meets Beauty - What's New in Skin Care Procedures"
  "High-End Skin Care Products and Exclusive Makeup Lines"

  "Women's Health"

  "The Feng Shui Palette"
  "Color Cues from the Hotel Lafayette"
  "Color on High"


  "Organizing Kids for the Fall"

  "Exhaustive Planning Key to Smooth Office Move"

  "Tap the Experts to Keep What is Already Yours"

  "Charity/Beer, Beaches, Bands and Blondes v. Brunettess"

  "Biz Owners Tackle Insurance Ins & Outs"

  "Roswell's Genome Project Begins with $5.1 Million"

  "Tap Experts to Keep What's Already Yours"

  "Fundraisers: Golf, Garden Party, or Go 'Over the Edge'"

  "Chez Ann: Decades of Service and Style"
  "Capello: Delivering Thirty Years of Service"

  "Fundraisers: Celebrating Local Treasures"

  "Passion and Precision:  A Victorian Porch Restored"
  "A Room of Their Own:  Way Up High"
  "The Big Picture:  Framing Your TV"

  "Fundraisers: From Tuxedos to Underpants"

  "Fundraisers:  Casinos, Paris and the Perfect Handbag"
  "WNY Lawyers"

  "Fundraisers:  Lights, Snow and Magic"
  "Watson's - Sixty-five Years and Growing Strong"

  "Fundraisers:  Winter is the New Summer"
  "More Fitness Tips from WNY Champions"

  "Fundraisers:  Not-So-Silent Nights"

  "Fundraisers:  Dress for Excess"
  "Rupp, Baase, Pfalzgraf, Cunningham & Coppola:  Stuff Happens, and That's Okay"

  "A Small Bath - Shines With Style"
  "Large & Luxurious - Master Bath as an In-Home Spa"
  "Three Times the Convenience - A Triple Bath Makes Life Easier for Everyone"

  "Women's Health 101"
  "On the Town:  Fundraisers and Charity Events"

  "Feed Your Brain"
  "On the Town:  Fundraisers and Charity Events"
  "Beyond the Books:  Free Stuff at the Library"

  "Virtual Therapy Uses Technology to Help Kids"

  "Fundraisers and Charitable Events"
  "Health - We're More Than the Sum of Our Parts"

  "Urgent Care:  How Families Benefit from the 'Doc in the Box'"

  "A Room for All Seasons"
  "Inside - Out"

  "La Dolce Vita"
  "Living Well:  Stepping it Up"

  "Buffalo Eligibles:  Carrie Leed and Angela Hall"
  "La Dolce Vita"
  "Living Well:  Emergency Care with a Kid-Friendly Face"

  "Focus on Health:  Taming Your Tummy"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Cozy Comfort:  Warding Off the Winter Blahs With Projects That Can Make Your Home Event More Family-Friendly"

  "Focus on Health:  Cosmetic Surgery Options"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Great Escapes - Today's Man Caves Come Fully-Loaded with High-Tech Comforts"

  "All the Comforts of a Restaurant"

  "Focus on Health:  Play it Safe:  Avoiding Sports Injuries"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Focus on Health:  Breast Cancer:  A Month to be Aware and to Take Action"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Living Above it All"

  "Letter from the Guest Editor"
  "From Local to Global:  Arthur Goshin's Dedication to Health Care"

  "Making Sense of the Mammogram Controversy"
  "Continuing to Grow at the BNMC"
  "Gammagrams - New Diagnostic Breast Technology"

  "Focus on Health:  Take it to Heart"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "10 Must-Haves in Today's New Homes"
  "Finishing it Off, Using Neutrals, Naturals"
  "Don't Let Building Your Dream House Become a Nightmare"

  "Focus on Health:  Primary Colors - Choosing Your Own Top Doc"
 "La Dolce Vita"

  "Focus on Health:  What Every Woman Should Know"
  "Nurturing Women Leaders"
  "La Dolce Vita"

 "Mark Taylor:  The Fine Line Between Design and Politics"

 "Are You Covered?  Plan Now for Your Future Health, Home and Money Needs"

 "La Dolce Vita"

 "How to Find (and Keep) the Proper Pediatrician"
 "La Dolce Vita"

 "It's Time to Organize the House!"

  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Brigid Doherty - Does Cocktailing Count?"
  "Sisters Are Doin' it for Themselves"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Inside the 2009 Show House"

  "To Be Vaccinated or Not?"

  "Revolution in Learning"

 "Letter from the Guest Editor"
 "Dental Health - It's More Than Just Your Teeth"
 "Women's Health Problems - Easier and Faster Solutions"
 "Dietary Supplements - To Take or Not to Take"
 "Stressbusters - Taking Control of Your Tension"
 "When You Should Call in Sick"

 "La Dolce Vita"

 "La Dolce Vita"

 "B is for Books, for Kids"
 "Are Your Pups Ready to Read?"
 "The Magic of Mr. J"
 "La Dolce Vita"

 "Opening the Doors to The Buffalo Decorators' Show House 2009"

 "La Dolce Vita"

 "The Road to the Show House"

 "Cost Efficient Meetings a Good Deal for Business"

  "Cooling Up Education:  Emerson High School Trains Tomorrow's Chefs Today"
  "Learning from the Master"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Culinary Schools are Flourishing in Western New York"

  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Winter Fashion: Keeping Warm and Looking Cool"

  "When Green Lightening Struck"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Cheektowaga:  Home of the Walden Galleria and So Much More!"

  "Virtual Assistance in a Busy World"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Adopting a Furry Family Member from the SPCA"

   "La Dolce Vita"

   "Ask the Expert - KC Kratt; "La Dolce Vita"

  "Think Green... Before the White Stuff Falls"

   "La Dolce Vita"

   "Roycrofters-at-Large Association:  Keeping Alive the Memory of the Man and the Movement (Elbert Hubbard)"

   "All of the Comforts of Your Living Room - On Your Patio"

  "Letter from the Guest Editor;" "Combating Childhood Obesity;" "Reaching for Excellence: 
    A Plan for the Future;"  "Preventing Alzheimer's - Ten Steps You Can Take;" "Sleeping
    Your Way to Better Health."

 "UB Alumni Awards Profiles"

 "La Dolce Vita"

 "Mompreneurs:  Running a Family and Running a Business"

  "Getting Your Garden Started"

  "No Judges, Just Umpires;" "La Dolce Vita"

  "Federmann Builders; " "Indoor Environmental Air Specialists;" "Elite Designs International;" "MDB Industries;
  "The Furniture Doctor;" "The Stereo Shop;" "The Sound Guys;" "Window Designs by Gail & Associates;" "Eden Interiors;"
  "Linsey Interiors;" "Decorators' Show House 2007 - The Silverthorne Mansion;" "Design Pool & Spa, Ltd.

  "La Dolce Vita"

  "Making Preschool a Positive Experience for Your Child"


  "Test Workers Before You Hire Them"

   "La Dolce Vita"

   "Special Advertising Section"

   "Some Seek Healing Effects of Massage, Acupuncture"

  "Top Docs:  Dr. Wendy Weinstein and Dr. Thomas Rosenthal"
   "La Dolce Vita"

  "Firms Try New Workflow Models"

  "Buffalo News - Clarence Visitor's Guide"

  "It's Cold Outside - But You're Still Hot!"
  "La Dolce Vita"

  "East Aurora Gears Up for Holiday Season"

 "2008 Charitable Events Calendar"

 "La Dolce Vita"

 "Enjoying the Great Outdoors... With All the Comforts of Home"
 "The Joys of Fall"


 "Are You Happy?"

  "WNY Writes:  Wendy Corsi Staub"
  "WNY Writes:  Lawrence Block"

  "La Dolce Vita

  "Best of WNY:  Best Floral Rivalry"
  "Best of WNY:  Best Little-Known Library Service"


   "Why Your Child Should Dance"


  "Letter from the Guest Editor;" "Buffalo's Nobel Laureate and Ninety-Year-Old Innovator:  Herbert Hauptman;" "Women and
   Cancer;" "Red Dresses and Healthy Hearts are Both Fashionable;" "Calcium Supplements - Yes or No;" 
"Angioplasty vs. Non-
   Invasive Therapy - A Surprising Study; " "The HPV Vaccine - The Potential and the Controversy"

  "Club-Hopping and Avoiding the Kids"

"For the Love of the Bills - Buffalo Jills"
   "Living the High Life in Buffalo and Beantown"

  "What Exactly is a Landscape Designer, and When Do You Need One?"


"Lakeside Country Homes; " "A Unique, Contemporary Vision in Traditional Surroundings;" "Bryce & Doyle Craftsmanship;"
   "At Home With Gary & Ross Pino of Concept II;" "Shopping for Furniture?  Consider Leather;" "TheatherPro;"
   "Why Hire an Interior Designer?;" "Linsey Interiors;" "Sandra E. Jonas Interiors;" "D.A. Spencer Natural Stone Water Sculptures."

  "Baby Steps to Green Living"

  "Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, Reversing the Trend of 'Big Plans Gone Awry'"

  "It's His Lifesblood, Tim Herzog, Brewmaster"

  "High Style, Low Cost"
   "You Have My Permission to Invade My Space"

  "The Businessmen Who Bankrolled Our Architecture"

  "Best of Buffalo - Sailing and Pet Spas"

  "The Classiest of Buffalo for Your Out-of-Town Guests"

  "Decorating With Color"

  "Beating the Winter Blahs"

  "A Collaboration Between European Sensibility and Local Craftsmanship"
  "The Art of Remodeling, Renovating & Rebuilding"
  "Decorators' Show Hosue 2005 - The Century House"

  "Developing the Total Child" -- An Interview with Incoming Buffalo Schools Superintendent Dr. James A. Williams
  "Profile of Margaret M. Martin -- Local Artist"

  "Home Sweet Hoops"
  "High Risk, Lousy Hours, No Pay - Who Would Want This Job?  Volunteer Firemen"

  "Equestrian Pursuits"

  "Women and Cancer"

  "Hillary Clinton - It's Her Turn"

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