I had the marvelous experience of being able to address a wonderful group of women on December 1st.  Click on my photo to the right to view my speech.

Quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award!

Just Released! 
If it Could Happen to Her

Georgina Adams is the scion of an American founding family.  She is also a wealthy recluse, who spends much of her time in her Upper East Side apartment, when she's not visiting her psychiatrist.  Even though she's only 30 years old, fit and lovely, Georgina spends her time alone, amusing herself with reading, research, and studying the human psyche.  With a Ph.D. in Psychology, and four other university degrees, Georgina is well-equipped to study murder, which she does as a consultant for an insurance investigation agency, on her terms, whenever she sees fit.

Georgina has recently learned of the murder of a woman she knows, a woman who, with all of her money, should have been able to keep herself safe.  That bothers Georgina, and when her agency gets called in, she requests the job.  With more murders to come, Georgina puts her own life on the line to discover what happened.

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Thank you so much for visiting my website.

Please browse through my Library, which contains the first few chapters of my first three novels, some of my press, and many of my published articles.  Feel free to click on and download anything that interests you.

I've completed my first novel, Designing Her Life, my second, Gaining Her Inheritance, and my third novel (my first venture into crime/mystery), If it Could Happen to Her.  You'll find the first few chapters of each in the "Library" section.  I've also begun work on my first piece of non-fiction, The Charm Offensive, and I've also been busy writing for several local periodicals.  I spend much of my time writing for DesignNY,
WNY Family Magazine and Buffalo Spree, all attractive, clever magazines that I'm proud to be involved with, and which I encourage you to have a look at.  I've also been writing for several papers, including Buffalo Business First, Buffalo Law Journal, and I'm writing for our local newspaper, The Buffalo News, which has been a  tremendously exciting experience.

I've also begun my two-year term as President of the 
The Junior League of Buffalo, a fine, worthy organization which is such a big part of my life, and, with Junior League chapters around the globe, a marvelous organization in which women build better communities.  Please check out the Association of Junior Leagues International website to see what Junior League is accomplishing around the world.  I've also recently become involved with the Western New York Women's Fund, which is affiliated with the Women's Funding Network, with funds all around the world, to improve our civilization by empowering girls and women.

Thank you again for visiting. I hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to
contact me.  I would enjoy hearing your comments and suggestions.

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